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Roman-Era Mummy Uncovered in Egypt Oasis

| June 1, 2010

Most of us dealing in history and archeology feel the excitement of finding out new things about the past. One such discovery is the mummy, unearthed in the Oasis of Egypt’s Bahariya. This mummy has emerged with its ornaments and exclusive Roman attires to specify its origin. This mummy was enveloped in a well ornamented sarcophagus or coffin made of gypsum. This mummy is 38 inch tall, and archeologists have assumed that probably this mummy belongs to a woman or a girl during the Greco-Roman era approximately 2,300 years ago.

Ancient Coins Found in Egypt Sheds New Light on Numismatics

| May 29, 2010

Egyptian history dates back to more than 5000 years. Within the duration of Egyptian rule, the emperors issued numerous coins. The designs of their coins reflect their modern and ancient heritage in unison. It was quite amazing when my friend Bob told me about one such supplier who collected 75 different categories of Egyptian coins. These groups of coins comprise of both the un-circulated and circulated coins. It must have taken the person years of effort to come up with this collection of Egyptian coins.

The Great Pyramids: Flawless Architecture With An Eye for Art and Beauty

| May 9, 2010

The pyramids, tombs and the age-old monuments are the prime attractions of Egypt, and most people would be highly interested to know about them. The Pyramids are probably the popular most structures in Egypt, which tend to be as tall as 482 feet high or (147 m). Interestingly, I discovered that the first pyramid is not in Giza. Few people know that the first pyramid was built for King Zoser at Saqqara!

Osiris and Isis The Legend that Journeyed through Time (Part II)

| May 6, 2010

Osiris’s evil brother Seth had always envied and hated both Osiris and Isis. As Osiri’s popularity grew with his good deeds, Seth’s wish to kill Osiris increased. Nonetheless, Isis always kept a watch on Seth and so his attempts never succeeded.

Osiris and Isis: The Legend That Journeyed Through Time (Part I)

| May 3, 2010

When I went to Egypt, one of the more fascinating legends that I heard about was that of Osiris and Isis. If you ever go there, you will realize that despite its Muslim population, the people over there are essentially deeply rooted in their old culture and keen to tell you any tale they know about the old Egyptian legends. Of course, myths have always been an integral part of our lives and have come down through the ages from one generation to another. I feel that we can learn a lot about the lifestyle and religious beliefs of a civilization.

Ancient Mythology: Religion Through The Ages

| April 16, 2010

Ancient mythology has its own story to tell, and modern day humans have a lot to learn from the stories of the past. The Biblical Stories offer a deeper insight into the various aspects of life supported by the Old Testament and the New Testament. In the Old Testament, the stories are related to the prophets in Judaism and feature eight books.

Egyptian Gods: Showing a Different Face of Egyptian Mythology

| April 2, 2010

Egyptian history and mythology has always fascinated us, and the Gods of the Egyptians occupy a great place in Egyptian history. Man has always feared the forces of nature and dreaded their wrath. The Egyptians, however, always worshipped the forces of nature as beautiful forces, helping them to lead a better life. In fact, Egyptian beliefs had given human forms to their Gods.

Two Largest Pharaonic Tombs Uncovered in Saqqara

| March 26, 2010

Egyptian history is full of mysteries and secrets related to the pharaohs and their pyramids and tombs. Each of the tombs have their own different story to tell, and the recent discovery of a pair of Pharaonic tombs here have an exciting story to tell as well. This pair of tombs was discovered at Saqqara, and date back to at least 4300 years ago. This stunning discovery reveals that the Egyptian rule had spread to the south of Cairo, and its extent was much more than it was expected to be.