The Ancient Scribe

Examining ancient culture's status in the modern era

Africa Before Slavery: A Deeper Look Into African History

| May 13, 2010

African history doesn’t revolve around slavery only, though the duration of slavery in Africa seems to occupy almost 120,000 years of the history of the land! Currently, different views about the pre-slavery times era have emerged to combat the views raised by historians to justify the aspects of Transatlantic Slave Trade. Historians like Hugh Trevor-Roper openly claim that Africa has no history of its own.

Ancient Mythology: Religion Through The Ages

| April 16, 2010

Ancient mythology has its own story to tell, and modern day humans have a lot to learn from the stories of the past. The Biblical Stories offer a deeper insight into the various aspects of life supported by the Old Testament and the New Testament. In the Old Testament, the stories are related to the prophets in Judaism and feature eight books.

Ancient African History

| April 6, 2010

Human life originated in Africa, and so African history is the oldest history compared to any other place in the world. Going back at least 2 million years, there were only 2000 living souls in Africa. The people staying in Africa back then made a living by collecting wild plants, and they used to scavenge on those pieces of meat that the other animals had preyed upon. At least 1.9 million years back, these African people took to using stone tools, and approximately 800,000 years back, they learnt the use of fire. May be from the usage of fire, they learnt the art of cooking their food, and these people probably belonged to south east Africa.