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About Me

I’ve been a history nut since I was 7 and read a book I’d checked out of the local library about Alexander the Great. Being an impressionable youth, I was fascinated by how someone so young had achieved so much that there would be an entire book written about him more than 2,000 years later. When I returned the book after finishing it, I asked if they had any other books about Alexander. I was told they had 11 more specifically about him; how could I resist?

Reading more about Alexander raised my interest about ancient Greek culture and mythology. Reading about Greece made me want to learn more about Rome. Rome caused me to investigate their Celtic neighbors, as well as to set my sights back even further to ancient Egypt. The Celts brought me to Norse mythology and the legacy of the vikings, eventually bringing me forward into medieval history and the rise of Christianity, while the Egyptians led me farther East into the various Asian cultures. I was fascinated by the differences between places like India, China and Japan despite their close proximity. Before long, I’d scoured each and every populated continent’s past, learning about their legends, myths, peoples and cultural evolution. This may have played a role in why I decided to be a History Major, though it’s far more likely that I did it for the fame and fortune that accompanies history nerds.

There’s not much else to say that’s relevent… I’ve never been a fan of sharing personal details online, so this will mainly be an informational blog about ancient history rather than someting about myself – though I guess history sort of relates to all of us, doesn’t it?

Scribe out.

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