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Ancient Jewelry Fashion

Posted By on August 26, 2010

Ancient Jewelry

Jewelry has been present in some form in almost all civilizations since the dawn of time. Early humanoids would decorate themselves with bones, teeth, shells and similar trinkets that they found or acquired. As civilization matured, the types of jewelry changed and evolved. Common themes have always been religious symbols, various stones and gems and of course precious metals such as gold and silver. Some other examples include:

Ancient Emerald Gold Ring

Gems have always been a mainstay in jewelry, even from our earliest histories. While other trends have changed, people have always liked wearing precious stones for their beauty, color and allure. While new times have spawned new types of rings and jewelry, this style has translated into modern-day times. Many modern-day jewelers have emerald gemstone rings that look very similar to the above design, though modern tools and technology have made it look much more elegant and stylish.

Double-headed Egyptian Snake Bracelet

Animal jewelry has also remained a popular theme. Here you see an ancient Egyptian snake bracelet. This exact design is still very popular even today. Other animals that have remained popular in jewelry include lions, wolves, birds of prey and sea creatures.

Thor's Hammer Pendant

When most people think of religious jewelry, they think of a gold cross, Star of David or a crescent and star. While these are the most popular designs in modern society, there were many other types of religious jewelry throughout history, such as the Thor’s hammer pendant pictured here. Though these ancient symbols aren’t as widespread as they once were, they can still be found by enthusiasts and those who are interested in ancient mythology and religion.

Jewelry trends are always shifting and evolving, but it’s very interesting to see just how similar modern-day jewelry is to what was worn hundreds or thousands of years ago. Times may change, but some things stay the same.


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