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Osiris and Isis: The Legend That Journeyed Through Time (Part I)

Posted By on May 3, 2010

When I went to Egypt, one of the more fascinating legends that I heard about was that of Osiris and Isis. If you ever go there, you will realize that despite its Muslim population, the people over there are essentially deeply rooted in their old culture and keen to tell you any tale they know about the old Egyptian legends. Of course, myths have always been an integral part of our lives and have come down through the ages from one generation to another. I feel that we can learn a lot about the lifestyle and religious beliefs of a civilization.

Egyptian mythology is old and mysterious, as are its gods. The legend of Osiris and Isis doesn’t end at just Osiris’s rule of Egypt or Isis’s power which she got by learning the secret name of Re. It begins there.

Osiris and Isis

Oisris was the eldest son born to Nut and Geb. Horus and Seth, Isis and Nephthys followed Osiris. In most versions I came across, Osiris is known to have a beard, is mummified with a green skin, and wears an atef crown. He holds a frail crook. According to the oldest religious references, Osiris is known as the God of death, and you should know that once upon a time, he used to have a human form, and he ruled Egypt after Geb abdicated from his throne. During his reign, Osiris saw that his men were barbarous as they used to fight around most of the time. Osiris was very disturbed by this.

Being a benevolent king, Osiris ruled his kingdom with tolerance and he was a kind ruler who pulled his men out of the tradition of barbarism and cannibalism and taught them agriculture. From him, the Egyptians learnt the importance of praying to Gods and living by the laws of the land. Osiris had traveled far and wide after he had civilized his land, and his men and he left Isis and their son to propagate his teachings to the Egyptians.

When Osiris was not present in the kingdom, Isis had to face a lot of trouble due to Seth, the lord of evil, and Osiris’ brother. Seth always hated Osiris and wanted to attain his position. Seth also wanted to have Isis for himself, and so tried many tricks to make his dreams come true. Seth finally succeeded in fulfilling his ambitions as he successfully murdered Osiris in his twenty-eighth year of rule. Seth conspired with 72 other conspirators and he welcomed Osiris with great love and care when he returned from his journey. One of the important persons who aided him in his attempts was the evil Ethiopian queen, Aso.


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